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Autumn delight: healthy pumpkin and apple recipes

Autumn delight: healthy pumpkin and apple recipes

This post was written by Sommer Poquette of Green & Clean Mom. Sommer is a Shaklee Distributor and a social media consultant. As a consultant, she led Shaklee Corporation’s Team #Cinchspiration and Shaklee 180™ blogger campaigns.  

Autumn is here! School buses occupy the streets; Friday night lights illuminate football fields across the country; Halloween decorations line store shelves. And, with autumn come delicious apple pies and pumpkin soups. Did you know these tasty treats can actually be good for you, too? It’s true!

First off, apples are good for you. They’re a good source of fiber, and recent research from a Florida State study suggests they have heart health benefits.  I recommend cooking or baking with apples for a nutritious and wholesome treat. For example, make homemade applesauce or apple whole wheat toast! Yum! So, head to your local farmers market and see how creative you can get cooking and baking with apples!

Pumpkin is another healthy fall ingredient, or year-round treat if you like to use canned pumpkin or freeze your own puree. It is low in fat and a good source of vitamin A, iron, folate, and other good stuff! Plus, it makes your muffins, pancakes and other baked goods taste delicious! My favorite is making organic pumpkin soup! Perfect for a cool autumn day, and the house smells wonderful afterwards. Try a low-fat and low-sugar version of pumpkin pie and you might be surprised by how good it tastes! I like to use my own homemade puree whenever possible versus the canned puree, but that is a preference.

In the comments section below, tell us what is your favorite fall recipe or treat!

  • Suni Ferrer

    Fall Harvest Delight Pancakes (gluten-free with extra protein and fiber)

  • Stewart Stevens

    Finely diced Apple Cinnamon Fiber Advantage bars are another great thing to add to your recipes too.