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Why vitamin supplements

Why vitamin supplements

As a physician, I have always been more focused on the prevention of disease rather than just waiting until treatment is necessary. Over the past 30 years or so, we have learned so much about what we need to do to prevent the most devastating, chronic diseases facing our society today. Our diets and our lifestyles have become less healthy and less active—with the result being a continuing increase in the prevalence of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer in the past 10 years. So I am here to provide you with the relevant information you need to get inspired into action! No matter whether you are healthy or fighting health challenges, today is the day to learn how to support your health and put those changes into action! Changes you make today will impact your health. You are more in control than you may know. There are thousands of studies that support the idea that weight management, good nutrition, supplementation, and an active lifestyle will positively impact your health.

I encourage you to watch this video to learn more about why supplements can impact your health:

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  • Dr. Mels Carbonell

    Does Shaklee have any product with seanol?

  • Robert Sarnovsky

    There is a good general review of Why supplements are needed and Which to take at this link. Good info.

  • Chris Hopkinson

    Dr. McManus – My 6-year-old daughter had an anaphylactic reaction to Cinch last Thursday. She has severe nut allergies. My wife had two conversations with Shaklee employees before giving our daughter Cinch to confirm it was safe. Stan Pulliam first recommended the shake for my daughter’s seasonal allergies. My wife told Stan about my daughter’s nut allergies and he said it was safe. My wife also called a Shaklee product specialist regarding product ingredient inquiries. The product specialist also assured my wife Cinch would be safe, there was no cross contamination and that it was manufactured in a nut free facility. We’ve been trying to get answers for a week since her allergic reaction. We shipped the product back to Doug DeBernardi to confirm whether there was any contamination. He confirmed receipt of it Monday. We still have not been told if this product was or was not manufactured in a nut free facility. My wife and I are very frustrated with Shaklee’s lack of answers and slow response. More importantly, we are concerned for the safety of our daughter. We’ve had further restrict our her diet, take her out of school and have additional allergy testing done to eliminate other potential causes. Please contact us or have someone who can help do so as soon as possible and let us know if this product was manufactured in a nut free facility or not.

    Thanks for your understanding.


    Chris & Megan Hopkinson

    • Jorjie

      have you heard any thing, I have a niece with nut allergies and I am now concerned about giving her cinch.

    • Jorjie

      have you heard any thing, I have a niece with nut allergies and I am now concerned about giving her cinch.

  • Bob Underwood

    I’m forever thankful to the one that shared Shaklee with me in 1980. Sure turned my health and lifestyle around. Melba Underwood